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Pledge of Allegiance Workbook

What does the “Pledge of Allegiance” mean? Millions have recited it perfectly in the morning at school or as a girl or boy scout, but few actually know what it means.

The Pledge Workbook is a great tool for teaching. It is an easy to follow,100 page educational tool for children that is interactive, fun and packed with activities!




The Pledge Workbook

This teaching tool was created by Jonathan Saphire, a former tutor for the inner-city schools of Boston, Massachusetts. Jon not only asked the kids he was teaching but also surveyed many adults asking, what does the “Pledge of Allegiance” mean? What does it stand for? “I pledge to the flag”, “it’s about our independence”, “it’s about being an American”…were some of the responses…but the individual words and their collective meaning are much more and very specific.

Our mission is to get the “Pledge Workbook” into the public schools’ curriculum and other leading organizations that use the “Pledge of Allegiance.”

This workbook is a great tool for teaching. As educational tools for children go, it is presented in a form which is easy follow, interact with and use.

We hope this becomes a tool for parents and a teacher resource for helping children understand the full meaning of our country’s “Pledge of Allegiance.”

Your child’s 100 pages of coloring, activities, education and fun is here for you! 

Learn By Doing

This teacher created resource, is a workbook which offers a very unique interactive learning experience by combining a clear and concise explanation of the “Pledge of Allegiance.”

The student utilize the workbook and all its components to fully understand the words and concepts of the “Pledge of Allegiance.”

It also includes lessons on ethics, politics, sociology, geography and life, in a simple manner anyone can readily understand.

We asked some people…

“What does the “Pledge of Allegiance” Mean?



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A Word

From Jon

“Our children deserve to fully understand the true message of something they recite every morning. That’s why I created the Pledge Workbook”

– Jonathan Saphire


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