“Every day I say the Pledge of Allegiance out loud. I didn’t know what I was saying but now I do. Thank you!” – JL


“When you learn something but don’t know what it means it makes me all confused. After doing this workbook. I am happy I am American.” – LM


“I love the coloring pages! I love America.” – MJ


“We did the Pledge every morning. I would see children playing around not really doing it. After we did the workbook the children were really listening and took what they were saying seriously. I am so happy we implemented this into the school’s curriculum.” – Miss Sherri


“Mr Jon helped me understand what we were saying every day. Thank you Mr Jon.” – TK


“I am a mom whose son is part of the Boy Scouts. He has said the Pledge close to 50 times and not really understood what he was saying. I did the workbook with him and now he is proud to say it as he understands what it means.” – SL


“I got my citizenship and said the Pledge out loud with 3500 other people down at the Convention Center. I read it off a card and had no idea what I was saying. It wasn’t until I did this workbook that I found out what the true meaning was and how important it was to know it. Now when I say it, I say it with pride.” – AK



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